Cellular antenna disguised as historic water tower.

Point Sur State Historic Park, Big Sur, California, 2001.

The Point Sur State Historic Park commemorates the history of the Point Sur Lightstation, an 1889 lighthouse standing atop a volcanic rock on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The lighthouse originally required the services of four lighthouse keepers who lived, with their families, on the rock. In the 1960s, the U.S. Coast Guard electrified the light and converted it to automatic operation, thereby eliminating the need for keepers. The last keeper left in 1974, and the keepers' residences, together with several supporting buildings, were abandoned, and the old wooden water tower was removed.

Now part of the California state park system, the old buildings are being restored by the Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers, a volunteer organization. In cooperation with the Lighthouse Keepers and the State of California, AT&T Wireless has reconstructed the water tower as a cellular antenna site. The present tower is an exact visual reproduction of the original tower, based on a 1929 photograph; however, the clapboard siding is RF-transparent plastic resembling the original wood clapboard.

This tower was included in National Geographic Magazine's "Cell Phonies" web page.